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Shrewley        Parish

Shrewley Show

The Shrewley Show takes place annually on the first Sunday in September at the Village Hall.

The competition schedules are eagerly awaited as spring arrives and the growing season starts.

However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, uncertain rules regarding social distancing and large group gatherings, we have decided to cancel this year’s village show.

It has been a difficult decision for the show committee as Shrewley has had a village show for 56 consecutive years, so an unprecedented decision during unprecedented times and we do hope that you all understand our decision.


                 Committee Members:

Simon Lister (Sec)

Shrewley Chapel

Shrewley Common

01926 843450   

Herbert Andrews

Westaway, Lye Green


01926 843423

Michael Hall

Orchard Cottage

96 Shrewley Common

01926 843624

Brian Sparks            

32 Shrewley Common


01926 842533    

Charles Thomas

Little Pinley Farm

Manor Lane, Pinley

01926 842577

Neil Walker

St Ives, The Croft


01926 842985

Oliver Webb

2 Priory Cottages

Mappleborough Green

07880 551331

Sheona Alemi

30 Station Road

Hatton Station

07969 066827