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Shrewley        Parish

The Connie Newton Trust

The Trust provides assistance for persons suffering financial hardship who are over 45 and live or have lived in Shrewley Parish or neighbouring parishes.

Awards have been given for various items, such as the purchase of a wheelchair, assistance with gardening, roof repairs and taxis for frequent hospital visits.

The local trustees are Kemble Everitt, Sylvia Green, Chris Chesshire, Helen Greenley, Sandy Robertson, Norman Winnett and Robert Wesbury, who can be contacted if you feel that there is someone who could benefit.  

Hatton Combined Charities

Hatton Combined Charities are able to give some monetary help to those in need; also to help students and apprentices with the cost of books and tools.

If you live in the parish of Beausale, Hatton or Shrewley and feel you could benefit, please contact:

The Chairman - Mrs Jan Lewis on 07961 732403

or The Clerk - David Thompson

Local Charities