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Shrewley      Parish

The joint Hatton Station, Shrewley and Little Shrewley Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary organisation committed to working with you and your neighbours, providing information and coordination in support of a safe and secure environment for individuals and communities within the area, and giving a voice to local residents on the issues that matter to our community.

We work closely with the Parish Council, the local Warwickshire Rural West Police Team, and sister schemes in neighbouring village communities to focus on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, and on practical ways to improve our protection and safety for greater security in our homes and communities.

The traditional role and scope of Neighbourhood Watch has changed and a wider and more inclusive email support network has been established to collectively meet new challenges.

Co-ordinators throughout Shrewley Parish pass on to their members  the police newsletters and general updates in order to: 

Reduce crime – by improving security, increasing vigilance, reducing crime by increasing the awareness of crime prevention methods.

To assist the police in detecting crime – by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity.

To reduce the fear of crime – promoting a sense of security and community spirit especially amongst the more vulnerable.

To improve police/community liaison – by providing effective means to notify Co-ordinators of local crime trends and by members advising the police of incidents when they occur.

Members can display window stickers to promote the scheme to remind everybody there is a very active scheme in place in this parish.

The co-ordinators continue to do a great job, but they need your help to recruit more members. If anybody is not a member and would like to be a member it is very quick and easy to join. For more information please contact:

The National Neighbourhood & Home Watch website also contains useful information.

Website: www.ourwatch.org.uk

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