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11 January

Birmingham Royal Ballet and other Memories

-  Sandy Robertson

A ballet picture

1 February

Perseus and Andromeda Fountain at Witley Court  -  Derek Clarke

Item relating to a monument or building

1 March

The Ifakara Bakery Project  -  E & M Schellenberg  

Favourite or unusual kitchen item

5 April

An Actor’s Life for Me -  Robert Lister

A theatre souvenir

3 May

Resolutions  -  Members Entertain

My favourite work of fiction

7 June

The Work of the U3A -  Sharon Hancock

An old schoolbook

5 July

Hula Hooping - History and Demonstration

-  John Parnell

A child’s toy

2 August

President’s Garden Party

6 September

The Real CSI  -  Paul Taberner

Item that is not what it

looks like!

4 October

More of Jean’s History  -  Jean Baggott

A handmade item

1 November

AGM  -  Remembering 1918

WW1 item and its meaning to you

6 December

Christmas Fun and Frolics!

WI Programme