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Shrewley      Parish



5 January

A Policeman’s Lot - Alan Rogers, MBE

A small torch

2 February

Making a visible difference through Sport

- Ian Carr

Any sporting memorabilia

2 March

Velvet Glove -  Margot McCleary

A special pair of gloves

6 April

Gift Wrapping (history and hands-on)

-  Alan Keech

Pretty gift wrap or


10 April

WFWI  AGM  - Chesford Grange Hotel


4 May

Resolutions - Members Entertain

Small tablecloth or


1 June

Entertainment and Adventures of days gone by

-  David  Moyland

An old game

7 June


6 July

Back by Popular Request -  Jean Baggott

A thimble

3 August

President’s Garden Party

7 September

VIP Escorting -  Bryan Davies

A piece of dressy jewellery

5 October

The Story of Coventry  -  Peter Walters

Photograph or book

about Coventry

2 November

AGM -  Members’ afternoon

A small serviette ring

7 December

Christmas Entertainment

WI Programme