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10 January

Volunteering in Nepal  -  Heather Alford

A special holiday photograph

7 February

Back to Backs  -  Derek Clarke

An item from a dolls’ house

7 March

Joy of False Memory  -  Dr Katy Bellamy  

My most embarrassing moment

4 April

The Ifakara Bakery Project  -  E & M Schellenberg

An unusual bread or roll!

2 May

Resolutions  -  Members Entertain

My favourite poem

6 June

Cakes for Casualties  -  Kath Ryan

A special cake recipe

4 July

Clog Dancing  -  Sue Hartland

Dancing shoes (any sort)

1 August

President’s Garden Party

5 September

Making the Most of Rations  -  Jane Arnold and

her Mum

A treat from the 1940’s

3 October

Life Inside  -  Sandy Robertson

A book you always meant

to read!

7 November


A piece of embroidery

5 December

Christmas Meeting - Fun and Frolics!

WI Programme